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La Perla de Aguas Blancas
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Restaurant Lounge

Thr Restaurant Lounge includes rustic tables and chairs and, as with all of La Perla, the overall feeling is of being outdoors, despite their being a roof and occasional walls!

Our attentive and friendly staff will visit tables and standing areas to provide you with excellent service.


VIP Lounge

Upstairs, we offer a "VIP" Lounge that is a little more private.

The "walls" (yes, there are walls!) are built of rustic pine and bouco, a local vine.

Staff provide service to guests in the VIP area, whether seated or standing.


Drinks Lounge

Our Drinks Lounge comprises tall stools at a U-shaped high table, with additional standing space.

We serve the widest variety of drinks available in the region including coffee, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, beers, cocktails and spirits.

The "wall" is built of rustic pine and is an open feature to allow views in most directions.

Service in this lounge is mainly available by placing orders at the high table.



Dance space is a major feature of La Perla de Aguas Blancas.

A covered dance space is found beside a small fragrant garden and overlooks the river.

In addition, there is an upper dance floor under the stars, reached via a small stone staircase at the back of La Perla.

We prefer to entertain mostly with Bachata and Merengue. However, we have a large variety of other music too! Requests can be made via any of the staff.


Lovers Cosy

La Perla de Aguas Blancas is romantic by day or night!

One special feature is a small area, entered via a vine-covered stone staircase beside a Japanese Garden. This cosy corner includes a heart motif created from a local vine - bouco (pronounced boe-oo-coe).  This "love nest" is just large enough for two people and features a special "love chair" that seats just two people, very romantically!

As there is only one cosy, lovers should make sure to arrive early so as to get a chance to sit in this unique spot. However, if the Cosy is already occupied, don't worry, there are other beautiful places to discover.



Our location is in a small village with narrow streets but we have space for whatever transport you are using.

Accessed via a rustic bridge, our off-road and private car park is of ample size for all our visitors. So there is room for your car, motor-bike, lorry or other transport.