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La Perla de Aguas Blancas
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Japanese Garden

As part of our celebration of what is typical in Constanza (and the Dominican Republic), we feature an interpretation of a Japanese garden.

A small, tear-shaped area contains a representation of sea and islands. Created using black pebbles (the sea), rocks (the islands) and small while pebbles (waves tumbling on the island shores), this small ornamental garden took one person 3 days in a crouched position to place each pebble (and twice that time for his knees to recover!).

As the pebbles represent water, the garden is not intended to contain any real water.

The Japanese garden is a tribute to the contribution made by the significant Japanese community in Dominicana, especially those of the local Colonia Japonesa, near Constanza.


Plant Life

Please make sure to take some time to enjoy our gardens during your visit. We are constantly adding items of interest as we find them.

We welcome any offers of unusual, interesting or attractive plants (including seeds).



At La Perla de Aguas Blancas, rocks abound!

Our conservation practices ensure that the rocks we find on site remain there, usually to become features.

Rocks make up the walls and staircases, provide homes for plants and also act as places to sit.