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La Perla de Aguas Blancas
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La Perla is proud to be a part of the community of El Convento.

To contribute to progress in the village, La Perla is building a kitchen that the village will use to feed tourists undertaking a guided tour of Aguas Blancas. Visitors taking the all-inclusive Tour option will eat (and drink) at La Perla.  (Tours are also available without meals.)

The village has already created a new path, El Sendero, that comfortably climbs to the top of the falls to give visitors a view to remember!  



The owners, Management, employees and friends of La Perla actively support conservation.

All original contents of the land (including rubbish!) were re-used on-site. During and since construction, no healthy trees were damaged or killed. Only invasive weeds and biologically unimportant plants were removed.

Numerous plants and over 1000 trees have already been planted, including the endemic and endangered Green Ebony (Magnolia pallescens).

More attactive, rare and endangered species will be added so as to reforest bare land, to create added beauty and to add interesting and unsual food plants.

Other conservation-minded projects are already being planned.