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La Perla de Aguas Blancas
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El Sendero

"El Sendero" is a gently sloping path that has been created, by the community living in El Convento, to allow you to walk to the top of each of the two waterfalls comprising Aguas Blancas.

Entrance to El Sendero is by ticket.  The cost includes return travel between the walk and Constanza, a visit to the bottom of the falls and a meal at La Perla de Aguas Blancas, a spectacularly beautiful restaurant/lounge set in the mountains, only a few minutes away from the falls. Visitors will be accompanied by a trained guide who will inform you about Constanza, our region and the falls themselves.  Visitors wishing to use their own transport or who do not wish to have the included meal can purchase a ticket to Sendero at a reduced rate.  (Participants opting out of the included meal can still enter and purchase food or drinks at La Perla.)

Tickets for El Sendero are available at the Eco-Tourism Cluster Office, situated in Constanza's airport or tickets can be bought at  La Perla de Aguas Blancas.


Free off-road parking is available at La Perla de Aguas Blancas for visitors using their own transport to enjoy our mountains, Aguas Blancas waterfall and, of course, La Perla itself!!!